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Hazeltine Piso Pocket Book Almanacs
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Hazeltine Piso's Pocket Book Almanacs are miniature almanacs that were printed from 1879 to 1919 by E.T. Hazeltine of Warren, Pennsylvania. 

These 32 page books are 2" x 1 3/8" and contain information about weather, farming, ranching, church events and of course, testimonies from prominent people who recommended Piso's Cough Medicine.  Used as an advertising gimick for Piso's Cough Medicine, these small almanacs were given away as advertisements at drug stores throughout the United States, Canada and England.

The prices of these little tomes currently range from $10.00 for the more common years, to as high as $150.00 for the extremely hard to find years.   

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Beverly Hoberg

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