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Hazeltine Piso Pocket Book Almanacs
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Fri, 04 Nov 2005
Guest Book

I'm trying to use this blog site as a guest book, since it came free with the site. Please click on "post a comment" to sign the guest book.
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Nice Site
This is an interesting site, I'll come back to visit again.
Posted by Craig

Nice work. Do you think that anyone will try to use the recipie?
Posted by Ruby

I hope not. It's not a good idea. Piso's Cure was poisionous and caused many deaths, especially in children. One of the main ingredients was chloroform, which can cause death or permanent damage to your liver and kidneys. It can also cause burns if large amounts touch your skin. In tests with rats and mice that ate food or drank water with chloroform developed cancer of the liver and kidneys and had birth defects and defects in the sperm of the males. Some of the other ingredients in Piso's Cure were Cannabis Indica (marijuana), Morphine, Opium and alcohol. The creator of Piso's Cure (formely called Piso's Remedy) wanted people to "feel" that the cure was working. Guess they felt it. At least the ones who lived felt it.  
Posted by beverly

Best site available to date
Excellent gallery pictures. I like the histories that you attached to each photo. It helps give a sense of what was going on in the world at the time these books were active.
Posted by Rand

Very informative
I am glad to see that you finished this site. This is the only place to see the whole collection.
Posted by sherry

interesting history...
i remember these from my childhood,, and that was a long time ago,,,,
Posted by ruby

Need help pricing an almanac
Hi, I have the 1883 one. Do you know how much it is worth? Thank you, Kathleen Stewart
Posted by Kathleen

Need help pricing an almanac
Hi Kathleen. The price of the 1883 Piso's almanac is probably about $10.00, although a collector might pay a little more for one in great shape.
Posted by beverly

Need help pricing an almanac
Kathleen, I just looked at ABAA Antiquarian Book Sellers site and they have a 1883 almanac in bad condition (cover missing and rough edges) for $29.00 (plus $6.50 shipping). Here's a link to that page. http://www.abaa.org/dbp/detail.php? booknr=225454504
Posted by beverly

Piso Company Almanacs
I have at least two sets of Piso Company Almanacs dating from 1879 to 1919. All in excellent condition. I only have one each of the earliest, 1879,1880,1881. My Grandfather owned the Company after Mr. Talbott, "Mr. Fisher's grandfather" one of the original founders died in 1918. I have tons more info if interested.

Pisco Company
In regards to the Almanacs, my father also owns the worlds oldest handmade matchbook cover advertising the Piso Company. I have the history of the company from day 1. I have large almanacs, pamphlets, original photos, and newspaper prints and much more.


Piso Company Almanacs
Hi Kathy, It's great to meet you. You have at least two completed collections? That's awesome! I just found a 1917, so I now have one completed collection. If you would like to show some of your Piso things on this site, send me some photo's and I will post them. I'd love to show people your dad's match book collection too! bev
Posted by beverly

Piso Bottle
Hi Reed, Isn't it fun to find those old bottles? The guy that can tell you most about the old Piso bottles is Digger O'Dell. Click on my "links" to connect to his "Ask Digger". If I remember right, some colors of Piso bottles are worth more than others. beverly
Posted by bevelry

If anyone would like to use this guest book as a place to locate/trade/sell or just plain brag about your Piso books, go for it. Just be sure to be nice, or your posts will magically disappear! If this catches on, I will try to make a seperate website just for Piso collectors. beverly
Posted by beverly

Piso's of Course
Hello all! I collect Piso bottles and related items also. I am seeking to purchase the almanacs from 1879, 1880, and 1881. I am also seeking to purchase a wooden shipping box that Piso bottles were shipped in. Thank you! Paul
Posted by Paul Bata

Local Distributors
My 1890 Hazeltine Almanac was sold my J.I. Leas, Windsor Drug Store, Chadron, Nebraska. This information was printed on the back. It would be interesting to know if these almanacs were more popular in one part of the country than another. The 50-cent price tag seems like a LOT of money for those days (even these days -- given the size of the almanac!) Thanks for publishing this information.

I have a hazeltine's pocket book for 1889 and The Pisc pocket book for 1901 and I was wondering how rare are they and their value if you know.
Posted by sandra Tice

Thanks for getting back with me. i was not asking about the books because I want to sell them. i just wondered about how rare the 2 books were, but thanks anyway.
Posted by sandy

Find Gramps
I was born in Warren, as was my Granfather, Andrew H. Wickstrom, who posed for Hazeltine in a poster called "The Homecoming." Can you help me find a copy?

pisos almanac
I have a 1912 pisos pocket book almanac in mint condition what is it worth
Posted by ronald hipp

My e-mail address
Hi everyone, I'm having some computer trouble lately. I'm actually on a borrowed computer right now. If anyone wants to get ahold of me, please contact me at bjberrykeeper@yahoo.com and put Hazeltine Piso Pocketbook Almanacs in the subject line. I check that mail about every day. Sorry for all the problems. 
Posted by bj

Hi again everyone, I'm still having technical troubles
I can't seem to see anyones e-mail addresses, so I can't e-mail anyone back. Please contact me at bjberrykeeper@yahoo.com with your questions. Please remember to put Hazeltine Piso Pocketbook Alamancs in the subject line so I don't think your e-mail is spam. Thanks, bj
Posted by bj

trade almanacs?
I also collect Piso's Cure almanacs. I have some duplicates and might be interested in trading. Let me know. Thanks, Mary

I have several pocket calander/almanacs is there a resource anyone can recomend to find out their value?? Thanks

Hallo, your webside is wonderfull! I bought three weeks ago four Almanacs 1885, 1886, 1894 and 1897. I am a collector from Germany, member of Sammlerkreis Miniaturbuch Stuttgart e.V. . You have a link to us... I found your side yesterday evening. I was at the side from University Iowa - Charlotte Smith-Collection. Best wishes from germany - Andrea

1894 Almanac
Have enjoyed your sight. Have been trying to find approximate price on my 1894 ,Pocket 1 3/4" x 1 1/4", Hazeltine's Almanac. I saw you had one just like it. Thank you . Rita
Posted by Rita

Piso Company Map of the US
I have a map of the US that has an ad for Piso's cure for consumption 25 cents on the back of it. My great-great aunt had it and recorded the date of Jan 28, 1908 on the box but I have no idea how old it is. It shows Oklahoma broken into 2 parts as OK and Ind Ter'y. Also, where Saskatchewan is today, it shows Assiniboia. Any idea how old this might be or any history about it? I'm guessing it might have been a "giveaway" with their "cure" but have no idea. Thank you. Jane
Posted by Jane Bennie

Have a calendar
I have an April-September 1893 Calendar and can't seem to find it on the internet. It has not been written in and is in great shape. Any info?
Posted by Deb

Just checking in..............
Remember, to contact me, e-mail me at bjberrykeeper@yahoo.com and put Hazeltine Piso Alamanac in the subject line.......... bj January 10, 2008
Posted by bj

Have a bottle (clear) embossed on one side as noted in comment. number 29 on the bottom. one side HAZELTINE & Co on other side. FOR CONSUMPTION ON BACK.can't seem to find the value !

looking for 3 almanacs
Hi, I just came upon this site and I don't know if it's still active.... I'm looking for the 1879, 1880 and 1881 almanacs. Does anyone have those for trade or sale? Thank you!
Posted by ellie

value of a 1912 pisos pocket book almanac
hi i have a 1912 pisos pocket book almanac in mint condition and was wondering if you could tell me how much it is worth? thank you ruby lantz
Posted by ruby

Have a 1885 Pocket-Book Almanac
I have a Hazeltine's Pocket-Book Almanac for 1885. On the back it says it was sold by H.J. Phelps, Ontario, WI. Inside on the first page it says it is a Seyonth Series. E.T. Hazeltine, Warren, PA. I was just interested in it since I have had it a long time but have never really looked at it. Thank You for any info on it.
Posted by Ja Doul

piso's cure for consumption
have a piso's cure for consumption the bottle has a blu tint to it and @ the bottom 43 would love to know more cool site thanks so much. brandy

Posted by SHERI

1885 Hazeltine's book..Mint Condition
We have one Hazeltine's Almanac for 1885 in mint condition. If anyone is interested in buying it, please contact me at cemrie@sbcglobal.net. I just ran across it at my parents house.

found a bottle today
Hello all, I found a Piso Company bottle today while my crew and I were digging in the Tacoma, Washington area. Just wanted to know where I could find more information about the bottle we found.
Posted by Dave

1893 Almanac
Thank you for your information. I found an 1893 Hazeltine's Pocket Almanac in my grandfather's belongings. It was sold by the General Store in Pattenburg, NJ.
Posted by LoAnn

I have a miniture book(2" x 3") that is entitled "The Merchant's Lesson". It looks like an advertisement book for Piso's Cure for Consumption. Do you know anything about these?
Posted by Cindy

1896 Book
We have been remodeling an old house and I have found a Hazeltines Pocket Book Almanac for 1896. I am trying to find out what it is worth.
Posted by Jen Marston

No Almanacs - Just History
I own no almanacs and just have one Piso's bottle but I'm E.T.'s great-grandchild and would have been named E.T. myself (Edward Thomas in my case - Ezra in his)if I hadn't been female. It's interesting that this ephemera still lives on. Thank you!
Posted by Rgawn

value of these pocket books
i have 2 books i'd like to find out about. a Piso Pocket book 1900 and a 1883 hazelton poket almanac. 22nd series Warren Pa. they are very small can you tell me anything about these books

The things we learn...
While visiting a relative recently, I noticed among her collection of "treasures" what appeared to me to be a small medicine bottle. The thing that caught my eye really was not the bottle for I'd seen many like it over the years, what caught my eye was what appeared to be our sir named debossed onto the surface of the bottle. How could I have gotten to the age of fifty-five without ever having heard of the existance of this artifact and what more do I not know of the mysteries of this bottle, I asked my cousin. Though I have vague childhood memories of my parents making reference to relatives that lived, what seemed to me at the time to be, far to the north of where we lived then. I had all but forgotten about those relatives until some years later when, with a friend that was lucky enough to have access to a car, I would go fishing along the Allegheny River in Tionesta,PA. Far to the north wasn't really all that far after all. It had been a long time prior to those fishing trips that I had heard talk of those northern relatives but I remembered enough to wonder if they might live anywhere in the area that I fished. Now, many more years have passed and I haven't thought of the Northern Piso's at all but for a passing glance of memory that flashes forth from some crevasse that holds thoughts that fight to be remembered. Of course my cousin had no clue how I had reached my current age without having heard anything of the Piso Company. Maybe, she guessed, she being a bit older than I, was simply more in tune to the conversations of our elders. More likely is the truth that I was out of tune with just about anyone and more in tune with that "world of my own" that I was accussed of being lost in so often then. Reading this, anyone that knows me will say that I'm too often still there. The fact is, that being there still, I now have a new place and subject to look to in this "world of my own"...The Piso Company.
Posted by Paul Piso

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Piso's Cure Bottle
I have a perfect condition Hazeltine&Co Piso's Cure bottle and see many people on your site do but mine has an number 8 on the bottom does anyone have any information about what year what it is and about what it would be worth?

Piso's in our collection
I have been blogging about our museum's patent medicine collection and this week my subject if Piso"s. We have a bottle in the collection (for Cough due to Colds) and I was surfing the web trying to find something about it. It led me to this site. After reading some comments, I will have to examine the bottle more closely. To see our blog, go to www.lakecountrymuseum.com Thanks

Anything Piso's
It's great to see any information on Piso's give aways,premiums,advertising,etc. LOVE IT !!!!

Piso bottle
I have a Piso's Cure bottle. Would like to know how much it is worth. Small label on the bottom says 1872.
Posted by sandy holt

Piso's Wanted
Hello All! I collect Piso cure bottles in odd colors and would like to purchase unusual colors like black, yellow, aqua with amber striations, mixed colored examples, anything unusual. I am also interested in Piso go-withs and advertising items. I have the complete set of almanacs from 1879 to 1919. Please email me at idigjars@comcast.net. Best regards! Paul
Posted by Paul Bata

great site
found a bottle of Piso's digging out our 100 year old home basement GREAT SITE!
Posted by paul

Piso's Advertising Book -Dixie's Land
I have a miniature book that has Pico's advertising in the front and the back, and then the sheet music for the song "Dixie's Land" in the middle and on the front and back cover. Back has "For sale by "Bunch-Miller Drug Co. Beloit, Kans." I have dated it to about 1893-1896 based on when Bunch-Miller was in business. I have not seen a lot of information about music books of this type. Are these more rare? How about values? If anyone can help or is interested in this, please let me know. Thanks, Melanie

happy to visit your sight here
was looking up a bottle and found your sight and to my luck I found your site as I have just inherited three huge boxes of wonderful and valuable bottles ...great site!!!
Posted by DORIE

1909 Piso's Pocket Alanac
have had this thing in a metal box with many old documents and just came back acros it. was wondering if these thngs are worth anything
Posted by Betty

1893 Almanac
Came acrossed one of these little books and it is in a wooden tube. It says 15th series. Wanted to get some ifo on it. This site has helped a lot.
Posted by Roxy Hunter

Haeltines's Almanac 1880
I just came across this almanac and was wondering what it might be worth... It is in very good condition.Copyright 1879 second series..
Posted by Judy Walker

1895 almanac
I have a 1895 pocket almanac i found in my attic in really good condition. I don't collect these and would be interested in letting it go to someone who does. Any suggestions?

Piso's song booklet
I have a song book of America from Piso's cure for consumption. It is personalized and dated and in excellant condition. I would love to sell it to someone who is interested. I see that this blog is older but would love to hear from someone.
Posted by ktyler

Piso bottle
It's nice to see your site. The very first bottle that I ever found and collected was a Piso Hazeltine. I found it while walking through the woods, and it was half buried in the ground. Seems like a weird place for it.
Posted by Jesse

Posted by cathy h

Hazeltines almanac 1896
I have one of these. It was my grandmas pocket book.
Posted by Diann

I have an 1882 Almanac from Lousiville, Ohio
I have an 1882 Almanac from Lousiville, Ohio. O was give out by "Dr. J. Schilling & Sons Louisville, Ohio Where may be found Drugs. Patent Medicines Toilet Articles & " I would like to sell it.

pisco's cure
I have a piscos cure bottle it has an 11 on the bottom how old is it?
Posted by Johnny

Hazeltine Almanac Fakes?
Have you encountered an fake Hazeltine Almanacs? I have a few and some are in such good condition it makes me wonder if they could be reprints.
Posted by Ken Conley

E.T. Hazeltine
I do a lot of research, over 25 years worth, on my family. Thank you for this page! Learned a lot about my cousins from the PA branch; Ezra Hazeltine, etc. Won an eBay auction for an Almanac, the 1890 one. Feels great to have as a family souvenir. Best Regards, Tal Hazelden

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